Pets ready for travel in Nashville

Leaving Nashville and need a safe, loving place for your pets to stay?

At Nippers Pet Medical Center, we offer overnight pet boarding, as well as pet daycare. We promise the highest-quality care and an abundance of love during your pet’s stay. Our boarding services include:

Over-night boarding: We offer dog boarding and cat boarding and your pet will have the opportunity to have fun and socialize. We also provide your pet with cuddle time!

Daycare Services: There is no need to bring your pet to a kennel. Instead, simply drop them off at our daycare center for a day full of fun. We realize that it isn't always easy to leave your pet at daycare, but there is no need to feel bad. We understand you lead a busy schedule, and we are here to help! By the time you pick up your pet, much of their rambunctious energy will have been spent, and they will be ready for a calm, relaxing evening with you.

Grooming Optional: We will bath and groom your pet during boarding. Making sure your pet is happy and in top condition is our priority!

Why Should You Board Your Pets at an Animal Hospital?

  • All medications given to your pets are supervised by our trained veterinary hospital staff.

  • If an emergency ever does happen or a pet needs immediate medical care, our veterinarians and medical team are onsite for a quick response.

  • If your pet needs to update vaccinations before boarding, those can be done the day they arrive.

  • Your pet can also have a veterinary exam or other medical services needed performed during their stay.

We would love to provide a clean, safe and comfortable environment for your pet while you’re away. Give us a call at Nippers Pet Medical Center in south Nashville for more information.